Male Half Quick Disconnects

SAF-T-FLO Industries 600 Series, Male Half quick disconnects are available in standard fitting ends common to most military and aerospace fluid applications. Non-standard fittings ends are also available for special projects.

Product Variants

Item # Item Name Image Coupling Style Fitting End Type
DQC600 Flared Tube Male-Half-MS33656 Self-Sealing MS 33656
DQC601 External Pipe Male-Half-MS33677 Self-Sealing MS 33677
DQC602 Flareless Tube Male-Half-MS33514 Self-Sealing MS 33514
DQC603 Bulkhead Flared Tube Male-Half-MS33657 Self-Sealing MS 33657
DQC604 Bulkhead Flareless Tube Male-Half-MS33515 Self-Sealing MS 33515
DQC605 Internal Pipe Male-Half-AND10053 Self-Sealing AND 10053