About SAF-T-FLO Quick Disconnect Couplings

Our goal at SAF-T-FLO Quick Disconnect Couplings is to produce high quality quick disconnects for severe and demanding applications. You will find our quick disconnect couplings are found in some of the most demanding environments:

  • Flight based systems for commercial and military aircraft
  • Land based systems for military vehicles
  • Sea based systems for ships and hovercraft

SAF-T-FLO Industries Quick Disconnect Couplings, formally Martin Special Products, has been manufacturing high quality mil spec. self-sealing quick disconnect couplings since 1978.

Our Major programs include, Textron LCAC Hydraulic System Coupling, F/A-18 Fuel Coupling, and Minuteman Missile Coolant System Coupling. Maintenance personnel and design engineers and will find these units are perfect for applications requiring the performance specifications of AS25427 (formally Mil-C-25427).